Every product or service that you are considering to use has its advantages and disadvantages. The same applies to products, treatments and therapies that are available for hair loss. Today, a hair loss procedure particularly that popular among men and women is scalp micropigmentation. The reason for it being so popular is because tattoo for hair loss are very cost-effective, non-invasive and have a fast recovery time. Most importantly, the results of the treatment are delivered instantly. Other hair replacement procedures such as hair transplantation, microblading and similar, require regular medications and special care. This is not the case with people undergone scalp micropigmentation treatment. However, like any other treatment, even this procedure has its pros and cons.

The Benefits of Head Tattoos for Hair Loss

Major benefits of hair loss tattoos are that they are non-invasive, cost-effective, and they help the patient conceal scars, hair thinning and similar. To make sure these benefits are true, search for best reviews scalp micropigmenation online and check the reviews of the satisfied patients.

Scalp Aesthetics experts can tattoo your head to conceal bald spots and thinning areas or scars on your scalp in only a few hours. Only one treatment is required to deliver the desired results. In rare cases, additional touch-ups are required to achieve optimum results. If you are among the few unlucky patients who need an extra session of scalp tattooing, you should know that scalp aesthetics cost is fixed and determined before you start with the treatment. Therefore, additional sessions will be free. There aren’t any life-threatening side-effects you have to worry about. When it comes to other hair loss solutions such as hair transplantation, the patient can experience a variety of side effects. After the scalp tattooing treatment is completed, you can immediately see the results, which is not the case with hair transplantation.

Unlike costly hair transplantation, hair loss treatment washington dc costs less than $5000, making them affordable to the average citizen. Scalp micropigmentation is the only hair loss treatment that is available to the middle and lower income groups. This is a cost-effective procedure that lasts for years, just like a regular tattoo would. As a regular tattoo, your hair tattoo will also fade over time, but additional sessions are required only after at least 10 or 15 years have passed. Depending on how well you take care of your scalp after the procedure, the treatment can last about 10 to 15 years. Before this time period, you won’t require any touch-ups.

If you have scars and bald areas that you would like to cover, there is no need to opt for invasive hair transplantation treatments and surgery. These hair tattoos can also perfectly cover or disguise any scars you have. You can also hide a receding hairline.

Disadvantages of Hair Loss Tattoos

This treatment will best conceal your hair loss problems if you have a shaved head look or a buzzed look. You can cover receding hairline, hair thinning, scars and alopecia for good, but if you are mostly bald, you will have to wear this particular shaved head look. A different hairstyle won’t look good on you since the procedure involves depositing tiny bits of pigment into your scalp to give you the illusion of real hair. Lastly, you will get the look of a real hair, but not the feeling. It is very important not to misjudge this procedure and replace it with hair transplantation.